Welcome to Pi Life Water.
We understand that water is life!


According to science all life forms originated in water, the truth about water is now studied very carefully since healthy water is becomingĀ a rarity, more and more and less available. Statistics say that every 20 seconds, one child dies of water related illness, all in all as much as 15 million children a DAY!

The devastating fact is, that 97.5% of the water of the world is sea water, which leaves us with 2.5%, but out of this water only 0,07% is safe to drink!

Sadly the forecast for the 23rd century is war against each other for WATER! Any human being can only survive 3 days without water. Millions of people are forced to walk miles and miles to fetch some water which is very often polluted. Only 15% of the world population has direct access to water.

Now lets look at the human body which consists of 90% water when we are born, as we reach puberty it decreases to 75-70% in the body, the brain still remains as 90% water. Water in the body has a lot of functions and among them the most important is to deliver information between brain cells. The quicker the information, the healthier we are!

It is scientifically proven that water has the quality to transfer information without a close circuit as well, all this discovery is predicting that the secret of nuclear fusion can and will be understood through water. So we definitively need to look at water from a totally different angle and start to realize how important water is for every day life and even most importantly to know which of the purified waters available should be considered healthy and adequate to drink.